If we explore Scotland through the lens of Instagram, how deeply are we experiencing it?

In the introductory blog to the #HashtagScotland project, I mentioned that the writing I’d shared around social media and travel back in 2018 had led me to meet Nicolas Loisel, an eco-tour guide and fellow Scotland lover.

A postcard from Lochaber, and some thoughts on slower travel.

The first few days it rained almost solidly. Between cups of tea and chocolate-sunk biscuits, we turned pages of books as the raindrops tapped the caravan windows. …

One bright weekend a few Octobers ago, we spent the day in Perthshire.

This is somewhat of an autumnal rite-of-passage for white-collared Scots, eager to forget their commute and embrace nature as the nights darken. A wild, well-off region of ancient trees, hills and back-in-time villages, Perthshire is a photographer’s paradise at this time of year — as we were soon reminded.

Our first stop was the Hermitage.


Laura Anne Brown

I write about slower travel, social media and Scotland.

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